The aim of the project is to create a handy, medium-sized dictionary with approximately 30,000 entries in each direction (including common phrases, idioms etc.) intended for Czech and Hebrew-speaking users alike. The dictionary will thus cover the vocabulary commonly used in written and oral forms in both languages including the basic terminology in economics, business, finance, law, science (with a focus on medicine) and technology (with a focus on IT). For more information click here. (The English version of the document is in preparation.)

A team of some twenty translators, editors and proofreaders from both the Czech Republic and Israel are working on the dictionary entries. In order to ensure the project funding and organization, the authors have founded Milon, a non-profit organization registered in the Czech Republic, which is the official beneficiary of all grants and donations from sponsors. For Milon’s articles of associations click here. (The English version of the document is in preparation.)

Publisher - Academia Publishing (Prague).

The publication of the dictionary is planned for 2013.

Academia Publishing (Prague)
Garamond Publishing
Embassy of the
Czech Republic in Israel
Embassy of Israel
in the Czech Republic
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
Foundation for Holocaust Victims
Czech-Israeli Mutual Chamber of Commerce
Kodap, s.r.o.
MR. PETR MOTHEJL, private person